Let's work together

    Mattia Distaso, with a very clever formal synthesis, an artisanal love for detail and a constant cultural and visual research, has fully succeeded where many, in the overcrowded illustration market, fail: the construction of a truly unique, rich and authentically authorial style.

    Dario AlbiniCreative Director & Founder at Atabaliba and The Freelancers Island

    Talented, quick, serious, but most of all reliable. While in the world punctuality and reliability become increasingly rare characteristics, Mattia brings these concepts to a level of excellence.... A 3rd dan Black belt of seriousness. I recommend anyone who needs to bring illustrations or graphics to life to work with him, not even a Black Death attack can distract him from delivering on time...a true Jedi.

    Riccardo GalimbertiCEO/Creative Director - Racoon Studio

    I've seen Mattia Distaso's style improve over the years: each time I asked him for a change, the result was more refined. He did it with patience, stubbornness and a lot of passion. The right ingredients for an excellent final result.

    Cynthia SgarallinoArt Director - La Stampa